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Dover is a small community nestled into of the foothills of the Ozark Mountains.  Bordering the Ozark National Forest to the North and the Arkansas River Valley to the South, our town provides a unique location for easy access to the beautiful natural vistas our state has to offer, while less than 10 miles from Russellville and I-40.  If you’re looking for a quiet, peaceful place to experience The Great Northern American Eclipse of 2024, look no further.

For Locals

Community Preparedness

Local citizens will have a rare opportunity to experience one of nature’s most miraculous wonders on April 8th, 2024 when our area experiences a total solar eclipse.  The Great Northern American Total Solar Eclipse will pass directly over Pope County, AR with Dover being in the path of totality for over 4 minutes.  While this is a tremendous occurrence, it will bring an influx of tourists who also want to experience this wondrous event!

Rest assured city and county officials, emergency preparedness organizations, and many others have already been working hard to prevent issues for locals and tourists as much as possible.  They have been studying other areas where past eclipse events caused problems to learn how to avoid similar issues here. 

More information will be provided here and on our Facebook page on how you can be prepared for this rare event.

Offering Camping and Viewing Areas

I Want to Rent My Land for Camping or Day Viewing.  What do I need to do?

Pope County property owners may obtain a permit to use their personal property as a viewing area or camping site.  To obtain a permit, visit the Russellville Planning & Development office in person at 220 N. Knoxville in Russellville and let the clerks know you would like to have an eclipse viewing area permit. 

They will collect your address, contact information, and a $15 fee.  The fee covers a yard sign (to be picked up at a later date) that may be placed at your property and kept as an eclipse souvenir.  If the property does not already have a 911 address, one will be assigned.  The property will then be listed as a viewing area and emergency personnel will be aware of the location being used as such.  We want to make sure help can find you if help is needed!

Dover area property owners will also be able to advertise their location on our website.  Information will be provided here.  Please check back soon.  Note: to be listed on our website, you must have a permit.

Renting Your Home

I Want to Rent My Home Out for the Eclipse.  What do I need to do?

We will not be facilitating any home rentals directly.  If you would like to make your home available as a rental for tourists, you will need to list it with a site like AirBNB or VRBO.  If you need assistance or direction with this process, the Russellville Area Chamber of Commerce has multiple events scheduled for this purpose.  They have a list of upcoming events posted on their Facebook page and we will provide a list here soon.

For Visitors

RV Camping and Day Viewing

The Dover Area Chamber of Commerce is working with the Dover Summer Rec program to offer primitive RV camping and Tailgating spots for Day Viewing.  More information will be provided soon.


T-Shirts, Eclipse Glasses, and More

Check back here soon for Dover's official Eclipse T-Shirt, Eclipse Glasses, and more!


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